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How are properties rated?

There are two types of ratings for Vacation Rental Pros properties: ratings from Guest Reviews from our customers and Property Style Ratings from our own property specialists.

Atlantis Beach House, Cinnamon BeachGuest Reviews are comments from real people who vacationed in the property. Word-of-mouth recommendations are always valuable, often giving you a better idea of what to expect in a particular property than all the photos and descriptions can. However, the 1- to 5-star rating system is inevitably subjective. A budget traveler who found the perfect no-nonsense, no-frills condo and had a fabulous vacation may give it 5 stars, while a guest seeking the ultimate in luxury may lower his grade of a beachfront mansion because the kitchen lacked a special utensil. While we pay close attention to our guest reviews and believe that they are all valid, we like to supplement them with a second type of valuation: the Property Style Rating.

Property Style Ratings is a more standardized assessment of the quality of a property's decor and building materials. It does not take into account the location of the property (beach front, ocean view, or garden view) or its special amenities. Instead, it evaluates the value and condition of the property itself, from windows and doors to couches and beds. Therefore, the Property Style Rating cannot always be correlated to the rental fee.

Camelot Beach House, Cinnamon BeachJust as in hotels, a guest can expect the furnishings in a Silver, or 2-Sun, property to be less luxurious than those in a Diamond, or 4-Sun, property. Some people feel most relaxed in a comfortable, unpretentious environment – particularly at the beach! Others want to surround themselves with the very best, including the latest electronics and brand-new furnishings. Whatever your preference, Property Style Ratings are one way to help you find the vacation property just right for you.

to choose the property that's best for YOU

Our "4-Sun" Quality Ratings are OBJECTIVE. Our team of professional Property Evaluators has developed clear definitions of the style, quality, and ambiance you can expect in each of our properties as defined in our 4-Suns Quality Ratings levels, below.

VRP 4-Sun Quality Rating System

If your taste and lifestyle draw you to the very finest properties, choose our 4-Sun properties. If solid value is your goal, a 3-Sun property may suit you well. If you're looking for low price (or VERY low price), choose a 1 or 2-Sun rental property.

Sun Rating  
Quality Rating Extraordinary Above Average Good Low Poor
Advantage Ultimate Luxury! Deluxe Solid Value Budget Budget
Pricing $$$$ $$$ $$ $ $

What does each Property Style Rating mean?


— Luxury
— Style
— Simply the Best

Best choice for

  • Those who want nothing but the best in all things
  • Those who appreciate professionally decorated accommodations
  • Those who are happy to spend more to get the very finest

Our Diamond Properties are first-class accommodations. Each one has earned our exclusive 4-Sun Rating that's reserved for exceptionally luxurious accommodations.

All furnishings are newer in style and appearance. These properties have been professionally decorated; the décor and design themes are fully coordinated throughout. All areas and amenities in all rooms (including kitchen and baths) are of the highest quality with virtually no inconsistencies.

All Diamond properties have our hotel-like Linen and Towel program that consists of fresh sheets and bath towels that are cleaned at our outside commercial laundry facility.

— For specific details on each of our Diamond Properties, visit individual Diamond Property listing pages.



— Deluxe, upscale
— Well Maintained
— Excellent style and taste

Best choice for

  • Those who insist on deluxe interior design
  • Those who place high priority on updated accommodations
  • Those who want to vacation with newer furniture, new electronics and updated bathrooms and kitchens.

Our Gold Properties are upscale and well maintained. These are exclusive, well-appointed accommodations. You'll enjoy lovely, comfortable surroundings with updated furnishings, as well as newer or top quality, deluxe kitchens and baths. Furnishings are attractive and coordinated throughout.

All Gold properties have our hotel-like Linen and Towel program that consists of fresh, clean sheets and bath towels that are cleaned at our outside commercial laundry facility.

— For specific details on each of our Gold Properties, visit individual Gold Property listing pages.



— Tasteful
— Comfortable
— Good to Very Good Condition

Best choice for

  • Those who want a good quality vacation property
  • Those who are willing to pay more to get more quality
  • Those who place high value on good décor and furnishings

Our Silver Properties are tastefully decorated and comfortable. Each is pleasing and inviting, with comfortable furnishings and desirable amenities. Décor is good but not necessarily as style-consistent as higher rated properties. Kitchens and bath(s) are in good condition though have typically not been fully remodeled.

— For specific details on each of our Silver Properties, visit individual Silver Property listing pages.



— Dated/Older
— Well-Used but Serviceable
— Bargain Priced

Best choice for

  • Those who wish to keep vacation costs down
  • Those who are happy vacationing without all the frills
  • Those who place dollar value above ambiance and décor

Our Bronze Properties are modest but affordable. These properties are humble by today's standards. Most were built decades ago and have not been significantly updated since — they're like those you may have vacationed in as a child. They're older and less well appointed than those with higher ratings. They're comfortable but furniture, flooring, and especially exteriors show many years of wear and tear. Kitchens and bath(s) are older and dated. Style and décor vary greatly and much of the property and amenities have been well used. Yet vacationers who value savings over style choose our Bronze Properties because they get great access to all Florida has to offer at a bargain price.

— For specific details on each of our Bronze Properties, visit individual Bronze Property listing pages.



No Sun Rating

Our Copper Properties are dilapidated. These properties may be in an excellent or even exceptional location but are dilapidated (in a severe state of disrepair) and are only suited for guests with a sense of adventure. Most were built decades ago and have not been updated since. Vacationers who value savings, and in some cases, an exceptional location over style and have a good sense of humor choose our Copper Properties because they get great access to all Florida has to offer at a bargain price. Please have everyone in your party read this clause and make sure they understand this is a Copper property. If you want a higher rate property, please call us back and we are happy to move you to a more updated property.


Regardless of Property Style Rating, all VRP rental properties contain the following, absolutely free:

  • wireless Internet service ***
  • linens and towels for every bed and bathroom
  • the complement of kitchen cookware, dishes, and utensils
  • washer and dryer ***
  • convenient parking.

*** A few properties may have wifi in a common area, and some have access to laundry facilities instead of an in-house washer and dryer. Full amenity details for each property are available on each property page.

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